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As of 2018, the Federal Estate Tax or Death Tax only affects individuals with an estate of $11,180,00 or married couples electing portability with a combined estate of $22,360,000.  Moving forward the 2018 exemption levels will be adjusted for inflation.  Taxation rates range from 18% to 40% depending on the size of the estate exceeding the $11,180,000 exemption. 

Portability means if the first spouse to die does not use their entire Federal Estate Tax exemption amount, the surviving spouse can elect portability to have the unused portion applied to their estate.  This allows a married couple to effectively transfer approximately $22.3 million in assets before being subjected to the Estate Tax. 

       The biggest issue with portability is that an election must be made on the Federal Estate Tax Return for portability to take effect.  Currently, this means the surviving spouse would have to file the Estate Tax Return-Form 706 to elect portability, even if no tax is due.  The 706 must be filed within 9 months of the date of death or obtain a 6 month extension.  If not, the election will be lost.      

There is no Estate Tax imposed by the Franchise Tax Board of California.  However, Trust Administrators, Executors and Administrators need to be mindful of other taxes that may be due even if the decedent’s estate was below the Federal Estate Tax Exemption.  Other taxes that will likely need to be addressed are: Final Individual Income Tax Returns and Fiduciary Estate Returns. 


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